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Investor FAQ

What is your revenue model?

Monetize users through:
o Advertising
o In-App purchases / digital goods
o Premium content / subscriptions

– System license
(one-time install and annual fee)
– Developer license

Are you currently generating revenue?

We are just moving from development, proof-of-concept, stage where we have successfully tested our solution in numerous environments and are now focused on commercializing Interlife. We expect to start announcing exciting new contracts in the first half of 2019.

Who are your primary competitors and how do you compete (differentiate)?

We’re really more of “blue ocean” product and are creating an entirely new category / industry. We are enhancing the entertainment experience and creating net new value for the whole ecosystem (entertainment executives, advertisers, and consumers).

The dollars we’re competing for with the initial product are mostly:
– Marketing budgets for brands
– Consumer wallet share for spend on entertainment content