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How Interlife Works

1. Interlife Antennas

Antennas are installed in any desired environment where they deploy a 3D coordinate grid into the airspace and enable unique abilities.

2. Datacubes

Packets of data – from digital content to commands – are able to be based at specific 3D geo-spatial locations, with 6x6x6 inch precision and are capable of 6 degrees of freedom.

3. Interactive Environment

All datacubes and devices in the environment are tracked in real-time with precise 3D geo-spatial positioning.

4. Cloud Platform

A stream of real time 3D geo-spacial based data from the environment and data cube interactions is captured in blockchain like format (BubblzzChain) for user settings and privacy management.

5. Interlife Atomz Chip

All devices with an Atomz chip – mobile phones, AR/VR headsets, sensors, cars, drones and robots – become connected, enable 3D geo-spatial tracking, and are entangled with datacubes. Content can also be associated to a chip in various and unique ways.

6. Devices + Interlife

AR devices layer digital content on top of real world elements, whereas VR headsets alter perception for complete visual immersion. Plugin a multitude of devices into Interlife for interaction visualization with 3D geo-spatial content.