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The Company’s initial strategy is to use the Interlife technology as a platform for events, such as sports and music venues, enabling innovative content, thus providing a stimulating entertainment experience that will attract users to its platform. In its early stages of development, the Company is focused on maximizing the number of users on the Interlife platform. As the platform is populated with users, the value of the technology increases and the potential applications that can be created grows substantially.

License revenues will be generated by enabling the technology in popular, high-traffic venues such as stadiums, arenas and festivals. These venue operators would pay an upfront fee for their facility to be setup with the technology. The fee would include installing the antennas and related software. These licensed customers would benefit by providing a unique entertainment experience for the visitors at their venues. They would also benefit from the ability to monetize the activity from its visitors that become users on the system with net new revenue streams.

License revenues will also be generated through offering Interlife’s API to 3rd party developers. The developers pay a yearly license fee in order have their application accessible on the Interlife platform.