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Interlife is a 3D geo-spatial internet system that facilitates the connection of the virtual world with the physical environment by enabling content to be placed and manipulated in precise locations of space, as small as a six-inch cube of airspace known as a datacube. These packets can be digital content that is viewed and interacted with through various types of devices and interfaces, or they can be commands that trigger actions based on precise 3D geolocation.

The Interlife system enables the creation, sharing and interaction of 3D geolocation-based content experiences, which unlocks the opportunity for a new paradigm of content experiences and applications.

Interlife is comprised of a new proprietary cloud-based platform and a patented telecommunication network, which form the core of the system. It’s a platform that enables valuable applications across many industries and has the potential to revolutionize communication infrastructure. 3rd parties can utilize the Interlife API to build applications leveraging the system.